Redheads Have More Fun by Sharon Kleve

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Ambrosine Dubreauil inherited a Voodoo shop in New Orleans. This in itself promises a fun read. But there’s more beloved NOLA culture to soak up! Remy LaCroix (yes LaCroix, I fell in love with his very Cajun name right before I fell for him) also, in a way, “inherited” a business. A local alligator farm! Remy and Ambrosine meet when he visits her shop in need of a poacher-repelling potion. Sexy sparks continuously fly as they navigate their newly formed friendship toward a deeper relationship. Redheads Have More Fun by Sharon Kleve is funny and fun. This is a truly enchanting read with well-developed characters and entertaining secondary characters.

 Ambrosine Dubreauil’s life is quite, calm, and relaxing until the sexy Remy LaCroix walks into Who Do Voodoo, her voodoo shop on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and charms himself into her life.

Remy’s alligator farm takes in injured animals, rehabilitates them, and then releases them back into the swamp. When he visits Who Do Voodoo looking for a potion to protect his gators from poachers he meets the lovely, Priestess Ambrosine.

Potions, charms, and spells, can’t protect Ambrosine’s heart from Remy’s Louisiana slow drawl, sweet love of animals, and rambunctious family.

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