Your Weekly ROCK ROMANCE DROPS (Feb 23)

Playing With Fire by Mary Hughes

 (A Starstruck Novella)
It's the Battle of the Bands, but the real battle is in their hearts. An electric story of music, passion, family, and rivalry.

Breathe by K E Osborn

(The Luminous Rock Series Book 2)
When I agreed to go on tour with Luminous, I never imagined I would fall for their lead singer.
And now I have no idea where the road will take me.

Accepted by Athena Wright

"If you want to be a student at VIP College, get used to rubbing shoulders with royalty, rockstars and billionaires."

Sex God by Katie McCoy

 (All-Stars Book 4)
Austin James: Rock star. Sex god. He was always my #1 crush. Now, he’s back after a mysterious break from the spotlight, offering an exclusive profile that could make any journalist’s career. And he picks me.

Royal Disaster by Renna Peak

They thought facing Sophia’s royal family would be their biggest struggle—but they were wrong. Their announcement has brought someone from Pax’s past creeping out of the woodwork, someone who has the ability to destroy them in ways they never imagined.

Love and Pop The Remix by Jay Quin

They’re relationship was scorching hot, until the fired died out. Melanie loved Zamir. Zamir loved someone else. After weeks apart, the two are forced back together. Melanie wants to keep things between strictly platonic. Zamir wants to rekindle what they had. Throw in Zamir’s crazy ex-girlfriend and Miguel’s crush on Melanie and you’ve got a story that’ll rock your world.

Distortion by Kat Tobin

(The Avowed Brothers Book 3)
Charlotte’s peachy lips and warm, sparkling eyes stir desires in me that I thought had died along with my wife. But it seems like my body’s betraying me, aching for Charlotte when I’m not sure I’ll ever be over my first love.

Billionaires in Disguise by Blair Babylon

Complete Omnibus Edition
At a high society wedding, Georgie Johnson is introduced to Alexandre de Valentinois, a hereditary duke of nothing who flies around the world on his private plane... But Alexandre has a dark side. His name is Xan Valentine, and he’s the rock star front man for Killer Valentine. He’s famous, but his paparazzi-dogged lifestyle might get Georgie killed.

Brothers of Rock by London Casey

Now for the first time ever, read all 5 of the WILLOW SON novels together in 1 book!
THE BIGGEST STAGE: His first kiss dried her tears. His second rocked her world

THE LONELIEST TOUR: Just as he was self-destructing...she walked into his life. Now they need to save each other.
THE LONGEST NOTE: It was supposed to a ‘reality show’ date
 but when the cameras turned off, that’s when reality began.
THE HARDEST SET: Van took the first drink from her, but then she offered a second one
 and she offered him a place to stay – just for one night.
THE GREATEST SHOW: He knows how to be a rockstar. Now he needs to learn how to be a father.

The Bimbo Wand by Bo Naidal

Sugar Walls is a rock star sensation. But she has a secret problem!
Alpha male MC Jones is about to uncover the secret. But can a wave of his Bimbo Wand solve the problem?

Naughty Rocked by Mia Chase

Max is caught off-guard when one of the winners of a radio contest takes a seat in his limo. Her full-figured frame, beautiful curves, and piercing eyes show him that she is interested in him personally, not his fame. He wants to show her there is more to him than being a rock star.

Forbidden Lyrics by Jodie Larson

(Lightning Strikes Book 3)
Falling in love with your best friend's little sister is never a good idea. Getting caught kissing her, that's even worse.

Catching London by MV Ellis

Arlo Jones is a badass millionaire rock star with the world at his feet. He lives the “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” lifestyle to the max. He’s a man who always gets what he wants, especially when it comes to women. Until he meets London.

Full On Rogue by Lara Ward Cosio

", rugged men, who are all very much rock stars, yet they each have such sweetheart, gentlemen like qualities to them." (Blossom Twins Book Blog)

Colliding with You by Kelli McCracken

A complicated relationship is the last thing Jesse wants or needs. Being in a band left little time to find a girl genuinely interested in him, not the rock star he was becoming. Before he and Cori reconnected, he never thought he would be attracted to one of his sister's friends. Being together dredges up old feelings. The ones Jesse has tried to forget. The ones Cori is just discovering.

BULLETPROOF by Jenna Galicki

With his bandmates now settled in committed relationships, [Derek] he’s the last man standing. The only problem is that he wants to party all night long, but his best friends are content to stay at home. Enter Travis Fontana, a bad boy with a reputation for trouble, and Derek has his partner in crime.
Naughty Rocked: A Rock Star Romance by Mia Chase

 all about the books and the worlds within

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