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2014 Reading List So far

I've read at least 10 books, and will be posting soon. What a great year for new indie releases!

First, I had my first read of Olivia Cumming and I have no words. At first I was blown away by how incredibly naughty these heroes and heroines are, but then as I continued to read I was enthralled by their flaws and their perfections. Will definitely be reviewing Sinners on Tour very soon.

Next was also a rockstar book by Skye Turner, Alluring Turmoil. Hot and sexy, it kept the pages turning and made for a quick sweet read.

Escaping Innocence, Joe Perrone Jr. Not my normal read, but for sure one I am glad to have stumbled across.

Return of the Ascendent by Raine Thomas. Loved this one, cannot wait to pass on the deets!

And more, but between work and school, I've been swamped to more to come soon!


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