Hottest Holiday Book Bangs

During the Holidays there is nothing like curling up with a hot cup of something, and a kindle or whatever your preferred reading platform is with the Hottest Holiday Boyfriends. I've come across some really good ones! These will be posted in the featured and review sections over the next couple of weeks!

Boyfriends in Books or Book Bangs

When it comes to book boyfriends there is no comparison. My book boyfriends are far from perfect. In fact they screw up all the time. But they love me more than life, and they will do anything to keep my return love. Personal favorites are bad boys with a heart of gold. I'm supposing that is why I'm currently addicted to rock romances! These will be featured over the next few weeks, but for now, a preview of these great reads is in the slideshow below!

Rock Romance Drops New Releases Aug-18-24 2018