A Touch of Passion Boxed Set

In A Touch of Passion Boxed Set you’ll find more than a touch of passion.

Inside are twelve full-length Romance novels written by bestselling, multiple award-winning, USA Today and NY Times authors.

Included sub genres are: Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Romantic Suspense, Victorian Romance, Western, and Literary Fiction.

12 Romance Novels
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About The Books

Uvi Poznansky
The Music of Us

In 1970, Lenny can no longer deny that his wife is undergoing a profound change. Despite her relatively young age, her mind succumbs to forgetfulness... more

Mimi Barbour
Love Me Tender 

A young mother’s eight-year-old secret… more

Elizabeth Marx
Just in Case 

He’s been pining for her all these years… more

Tamara Ferguson
That Unforgettable Kiss 

Kate Callahan has always known that, someday, she'd run the family business... more

Regina Puckett
Concealed in My Heart 

Charity Fields has everything she ever wanted... more

B. J. Robinson
The Belle and the Officer 

A Mississippi plantation. A southern belle. A Union officer. Brothers... more

Laura Taylor
A lovely translator, once betrayed under the worst possible circumstances, is seduced into love by a brilliant government consultant... more

Suzanne Jenkins
Perfect for Him 

Two years after her husband, Jason makes a late night-discovery, Harley Jones finds out she’s dying...more

Cynthia Woolf

Nellie Wallace is a young widow with two children. In post civil-war New York, the men are scarce and none want the burden of a wife with children... more

Lisa Gillis
Jack Who? 

Is the cure for a breakup a hookup? ...more

Traci Hall
Ambrosia by the Sea
Celia Langford lost her perfect life in the ultimate betrayal—not only was her late husband a cheat, he left her with a mountain of debt and no self-confidence... more

Donna Fasano
The Single Daddy Club: Derrick 

Ex-military man Derrick Richmond is solitary and satisfied...or so he thinks. Then little Timmy is dropped into his lap... more

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New Release SNAP by Tara Dawn

Snap Facebook cover
SNAP Release Day Blitz
It seems as though the past week has drug along awaiting this day. I can't wait to share Hazel's story with all of you. Originally I said that this would be one book. But, it can't be. This story has grown, the characters have gotten more complex, and had I made it one book, I would've had to cut out a lot of the story and not give my characters the ending they deserved. So I've split it into a trilogy. Don't worry, this just means you'll get more of what you want! You'll know exactly what that is after you read this book. Thank you for your understanding.
Love, Tara Dawn
Snap Tara Dawn eBook
Title~SNAP Genre~Psychological Suspense (With some romance) Author~Tara Dawn Cover Designer~RMGraphx
snap teaser #3
Hazel I never would've guessed my life would lead me where I am today, wedged between a stalker and a stranger in the midst of a drug war that I'm unsure of how I entered. One wants to hurt me, the other seems to want to heal me, but there's more that he's after and I don't know if I can give him what he seeks.
Cash I was sent to find answers when no one else could find them. What I found was a woman in need and a psycho dealer working toward his own agenda. I wasn't to get involved, but her eyes call to me and I know they hold the information I seek. Phil She doesn't think I'm good enough for her. But I'll show her. Hazel belongs to me and has since that night that I claimed her. I'll get back into her good graces. I have to. She has something of mine and I'm not stopping until I have it all.
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~What readers are saying~
"SNAP is an amazing story. Tara has such a way with words. One minute she has you craving a fountain pop like you never have before, then she has you feeling every emotion like you are the character. Every laugh makes you laugh. Every tear will bring one to your eye. Every ounce of pain, you feel, and every second of pleasure will have you squirming. By the end, my heart was pounding and I had tears in my eyes. Great book." -Amie Nichols ~ Author of Amazon Bestseller Deep Blue
"Snap by Tara Dawn is a brilliant and hauntingly beautiful read from beginning to end. You're instantly captivated and at the end you're left wanting more. Snap is a roller coaster of emotions, but you'll enjoy the ride." -Laura ~ The Literary Vixen
snap teaser #2
She stands there for a moment staring at the ground, her shaky hands twisting together.
"Do not make me do it for you, Hazel."
Slowly she unbuttons and unzips her pants. I love that sound. She pushes them down and steps out on unsteady legs. Her hands go the hem of her shirt and grip it so tightly her fingers start turning white. Taking a shuddering breath, she pulls it over her head and drops it to the floor. Her bra and panties are awfully nice for going to work in. She must have worn them for him. Anger scorches my veins at how little she thought of me on our date. She didn't wear anything like this for me. I admire her body in her pretty underthings wishing I had seen the bruises that formed by my hand. As I get to her stomach, my eyes grow wide and a smile spreads over my face. Tiny pink streaks trail down where my fingers once raked her skin. If I thought my dick wouldn't work for a while after she nailed it, I was wrong.
"Take those off too. He's not here to see them."
Against her wishes, I make her shower. She tries to close the curtain, but I pull it open. Shivering beneath the water, she washes her body and tries to hide as much of herself as she can. The suds on her slick flesh make me ache to pinch each and every one until they pop. An image of blood oozing out of every bubble as it bursts has my heart pounding in anticipation of what's to come. Unable to wait any longer, I shut the water off and yank her from the tub. She slips out and lands against me, the water on her body soaking into my clothes.
Without a second thought, I pull her into her bedroom and shove her onto the bed. Looking around, I spot some scarves on top of her dresser and grab them. I attempt to grab her wrists, but she fights me and scoots away on the bed. The word no slips from her lips. My vision blurs as I grow more furious. I hate the word no. I despise being told no. Before I know what's happening, my emotions get the better of me and my fist strikes her face. There's an audible pop and blood gushes from her nose. It makes me think of the bleeding bubbles.
Her hand covers her face as she chokes on her sobs and the blood. It seeps through her fingers dripping on her chest in slow motion. Each drop exploding as it lands on her skin. My darkness, her life. The perfect mix of truth in my world.

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~About the Author~
Tara Dawn is a married, stay-at-home mom who homeschools her three sons. When she's not busy with them, you can find her reading, talking about other authors and books over at Word Wenches Guilty Pleasure book blog, writing, crafting, or hula hooping. She wears many hats and finds that if you aren't learning something new everyday, then you aren't living to your full potential.
She's addicted to Facebook and loves connecting with others and making new friends. You can find her on there all times of the day. Stop by her page and say hello or shoot her a friend request. She loves shooting the shit on the regular. Just beware that she curses like a sailor.
~Connect with Tara~
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