Your Weekly ROCK ROMANCE DROPS (Feb 9)

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False Start (Falling Small Duet Book 1) by Rebel Farris

All I wanted was a tattoo. I didn't know that it would bring him—the one who watches—back into my life. Nor did I expect the tempting tattoo artist, Dexter McClellan, to lay claim on a place in my world.

Heart Strings by K.R. Steam

She was a rock star and he was just an ordinary fan up until she is about to be attacked and he protects her from harm. Now, things have changed.

A Little Immature by Ariel Arnold

College student Nova, an aspiring writer, is unexpectedly tasked with doing the interview for the famous band "The Tricksters" ...and she feels out of her element. It's made even more so by the fact that for no valid reason her and the bands resident bad boy, Gunner Davis, just don't seem to click.

It Girl (Hollywood to Olympus Book 4) by Elle Rush

Sean Glenn fell for Caitlin the first time he saw her, almost a year ago. Now that the rising star is working on his show, he could finally have a shot with her, if it weren’t for his well-known history as a player. 

Shattered by Becky Strahl

When Owen Connors was a senior in high school, one chance encounter with an injured girl turned his world upside down. quickly as she had appeared, she was gone... Trying his best to move on, the memories of his time with Rayven just couldn't be overwritten. Owen was still failing to let go years later... but did he really have to? 

Tempting Perfection (Timeless Love Novel) by Kristin Mayer

I sense he’s hiding something.
But, then, so am I.
To guard our hearts, we’ve kept our secrets locked away. But secrets are like love—one way or another, they find a way
Tempting Perfection is a standalone novel within the Timeless Love Series.

Fix Me: TAT: A Rocker Romance by Melanie Walker

Sensitive readers should be warned.
Cal Dorian is the lead guitarist for the number one rock band in the world.
Jenny Pope is used to being the black smudge in Cal’s world. ...after entering his life again as a strong, self-assured sober Jen she is faced with who he was, and who he is now.
When the truth of their past makes it to the surface, will they be able to survive the pain they caused?

Guitar God: The Boys in the Band, Part 1 by Lindy Hudis

Diego has it all! A life in the fast lane, parties, booze, drugs, power and sex. However, the bright lights can't erase the price he paid on the raw, lonely road to the top.
His one and only soulmate, Susan, who has been his constant companion and true love, will become a permanent fixture in his life. Unbeknownst to her, he plans to present her with a Cartier diamond engagement ring.

A Moonlit Serenade: A Bad Boy Rockstar Romance (The Seattle Sound Series Book 8)

He fell in love with her voice first. But trying to recruit mysterious girl-next-door music teacher Ryn Hudson to work on an album together is proving harder than Jake Etsam ever imagined. She’s prickly, defensive, wounded, and stubborn. And he’s in danger of falling in love with the rest of her, too…

The Moments We Share by Barbara C. Doyle

"We were a walking contradiction that couldn't be understood. Leather and cowboy boots. Rock and country. And the longer we spent together, the more truths we uncovered with nothing but destruction in our wake."

Second Guessing by Gail Ward Olmsted

Jill has built a successful career writing romantic ballads for many of today’s top performers.
Ben is a brash, young boy-band singer seeking a solo career who hires Jill to write for him. The attraction between the two is red-hot...

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