5 Kindle World spinoffs books

As most of you know, St. Jude's Children's hospital is a charity close to my heart. Every year I try to raise money for them. This year's silent auction basket contains books 1-5 of Charity Parkerson's Hard Hit series autographed, a Kindle Fire, two small swag bags, a carry-on, a Novel Experience t-shirt autographed, and cover art for her upcoming book Clinched signed by the cover model Ryan "Stacks" Harmon and the author. Bidding starts at $150.00 USD and whoever has the highest bid on May 1st wins.
Email your bid to admin@charityparkerson.com The winner will be contacted once bidding closes. Once your payment is made through Paypal, I will ship out your prize. Thank you! –Author, Charity Parkerson

 all about the books and the men in them

Stalk BooK BanGS

Men of Mercy by Lindsay Cross


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