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BashBash by SJ Duncan
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Bash by SJ Duncan is an enthralling 4 week or so sleepover in the mansion of Bradley Morgan. Juan (stagename) Morgan, a superstar at the top of his music career, fronts a quirky and friendly demeanor to the journalist who is writing a piece on him. The journalist, once at the top of his own career is ready to put past mistakes behind and remake a name for himself with this interview despite the seemingly impossible strings attached.

It doesn't take long for the fissures in Morgan's multi-faceted personality to split and ultimately crack wide open much like the threatening foundation of his precariously positioned mansion on a cliff. Morgan continuously tells the journalist “I just want you to get me,” but with each day that passes, the journalist is forced to ‘get himself.’ Feelings and fears buried deeply begin to surface.

Morgan is a very believable iconic rockstar.
Eccentric traits that so often accompany talent--check.
The sense of entitlement that in many cases evolves with stardom. Check.
Artistic temperament batshit crazy. Check.

Secondary characters are just as well developed and are an integral part of setting the story’s mood and scenes. Elena, a pop or rock star is a love interest although Bash is definitely not a romance. Gree and Gene, employees of Morgan, both have distinctive and interesting personalities.

Bash perfectly portrays celebrity life, journalists, and the oftentimes ugly mix of the two. Symbolism is vivid throughout the story. The self-discovery of each character as they interact may just hit home in a non-fictional way ;) I highly recommend to anyone who loves reading fictional (real) celebrity life and famous characters.

Strawberry jam!

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