Review 📖 Second String by M.C. Webb

Second StringSecond String by M.C. Webb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Second String by M.C. Webb is a love story with an underlying theme of balancing dreams with reality. Jesse and Jett are both disillusioned with the hand life has dealt them. It is a hard journey but each come to realize they’re not failures because of something they can’t control and find themselves having to rise above the circumstances and learn to dream again.

Jesse , widow of a war hero, is a small town veterinarian with a strong loyalty to family, friends, and what she believes in.

Jett is the son of a pro quarterback who finds himself released from his contract before he can make a name for himself in pro football.

Their two worlds collide when Jett happens through the small Texas town and decides to stay for a bit. Both find themselves attracted to one another, but any relationship beyond friends is slow to develop.

This reads in 1POV with alternating POV by the main characters.

I would recommend this to any reader who is looking for a quick read and who likes inspirational type romances.

Thanks NetGalley and M.C. Webb for this review copy of Second String

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