Review 📖 Montana Maverick by Debra Salonen

Montana Maverick (Big Sky Mavericks, #4)Montana Maverick by Debra Salonen
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Montana Maverick by Debra Salonen is a heartwarming read. Meg Zabrinski researcher and wolf activist is determined to finish her book, so she spends this Christmas holiday in a remote Montana cabin.

Henry Frestone, Montana rancher, grandfather, and new guardian of 3 grandchildren after the loss of his daughter, sets off with the 3 grandchildren in his chopper despite a nasty snowstorm in an effort to get his sick granddaughter medical help when her fever spikes.

When the helicopter crashes, Meg hears it happen and hikes a good distance to rescue any survivors. Luckily, everyone aboard is physically okay but due to the weather, she ends up with a house full on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

There are a couple of underlying plots worth mentioning. Meg is at a point in her life where she desires to become a mother and has been looking into various methods of artificial insemination when Hank drops out of the sky with a ready-made family who are grieving and desperately need a mother.

Although she and Henry Firestone were on opposite sides of the wolf protection project, they are both open minded and mature enough to see both sides of a situation and do not harbor any resentment for one another. Their short friendship fizzles into passion. The children are each lovable with distinctive personalities and add a lot to this uplifting story.

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