Valentines Day Blog Hop ~ The Book that Got You Hooked


Everyone can look back and think of that one book or series that got them hooked on reading. The books that made them a junkie for reading. For me, that series was Trixie Belden. While all of my friends were going crazy over Sweet Valley High and Goosebumps, I was curled up in a beanbag chair next to my mom's library of books with a Trixie Belden read in my hand. The pages were beginning to yellow, the spines creaked, and the smell was musty. But none of that mattered as I remained engrossed in whatever shenanigans Trixie and her BFF Honey Wheeler were up to. Can't forget the hero of the series, Trixie's first crush, Jim Frayne--the penniless orphan who transformed into Christian Grey. Well in wealth anyway. Can't speak for fetishes, guess we'd need to ask a grown up Trixie! At least I hope somewhere after the series was over that Trixie and Jim had an elaborate wedding, an exotic honeymoon, and rode off into the sunset!

So looking back, what was your book hook?

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