A Week After 50 Shades of Grey

No, I didn't read the series. There was no grey area in the recommendations when it was all the rage in my circle of aquantences. What I was hearing was "It's the best book ever, a must read!" Or, "This is crap, I don't see the hype." Maybe if there had been a gray area, I would have read it. But I admit to some of the most ridiculous excerpts killing off that possibility for me.

That being said, I was interested to see how the movie came off. I've seen many a book I hated turned into a movie I loved.

Valentine's Day weekend was planned out with other things, so during this last week, I've kept my ears open to find out how great 50 Shades the movie was. And guess what?

As opposed to the black and white reviews on the book series, ironically, all I'm getting is gray on the movie.

Here are some comments I heard over the week:

  • Anna was endearing. Unfortunately all of her lines were forgettable.

  • Did you know a theater in Colorado accidentally played the opening of 50 Shades to an audience of parents and children waiting on Sponge Bob?

  • It was more like a Lifetime Movie than a theater movie.

  • There was no real BDSM.

  • The only sadistic part was the promise of a sequel.

  • Loved the books, hated the movie. Jaimee didn't do Christian Grey justice.

  • Most of the audience laughed during the final blackout scene. I've no idea why, but THAT was funny

  • Everyone had an iPhone in the movie. In the books it was a flip phone, that's how they were dated.

  • Give me a Christian Grey, I want to live that lifestyle! I want to drive a chopper!

  • I came home and wasn't sure if I wanted my hubby to give me a tie or buy me an audi!

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