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My Throwback Thursday book this week is Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. This book lured me into the world of vampires, and I've never come back!

The story is told in an 'interview' between Louis, a depressed vampire over 200 years old who has seen much hardship and 'the boy' who was intended to be a victim. The tale is set in New Orleans, Louisiana and Paris, and entwines around the relationship of vampires Armand, Louis, Claudia, and Lestat who is seemingly present in each scene even when not physically a part of it.

Lestat de Lioncourt is no sparkly vampire yet he is still intriguing and in a dangerous way loveable.
Armand is a mentor figure Louis looks to for understanding of who he is. 
Claudia the child with a scheming adult mind is haunting.
Louis in telling a story meant to show a mere human the horrors of vampire life opens our eyes to the tragic beauty of living for centuries.

There are things that after many years I look back on in this series and wonder about. One of them being the massive body account amassed nightly in New Orleans as in the book Louis is the only vampire of the 3 in New Orleans not feeding off humans. And then mostly, I wonder how they lived in some areas so long-i think it's mentioned 50 years-without aging being a factor, especially since Claudia is physically 6! But none of that takes away from the beauty of the writing.

I highly recommend this book even for someone who doesn't intend to read the entire series. After all, it was first written without plans for a series, and in itself is an amazing piece of work.


Before the kindle generation it was common to wait more than a year between releases, and I did, going crazy for each new book in The Vampire Chronicles. The Vampire Chronicles began with Interview of the Vampire in 1976 and has spanned more than 30 years with Prince Lestat the newest in the series released in October of this year!


So what's on your 'Back in the Day' reading list?

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