New Series from JJ Ellis and her writing partner TA Ellis!

The wait is over! The new series from bestselling author JJ Ellis and her new writing partner TA Ellis has finally arrived!  Welcome to Harper's Rock, WY - we hope you enjoy it there! (JJ & TA's first novel The Heart of Alaska is FREE for two days only December 15 and 16

The small town of Harper's Rock, Wyoming is the setting for three hard hitting romances. The Harper boys are young, sexy and not necessarily looking for love. This stand alone series starts off with the return of Russell Harper to the hometown he hates. The book is now available for pre-order for only .99 cents.


Home was the last place he wanted to be.

Single father, Russell Harper, would do anything for his troubled nine-year-old daughter Miranda, including returning to the suffocating small Wyoming town he fled at eighteen. Meeting up with childhood friend, licensed counselor Emily Zane, helps father and daughter come to terms with their new life. When the past thunders into town, threatening to destroy everyone it its path, the Harpers could lose everything.

Home was the only place she could truly breathe.

Emily Zane left Harper’s Rock, Wyoming as fast as she could, for the city life she’d always dreamed of. When circumstances take away what she holds dear, Harper’s Rock offers the safety and shelter she needs to heal. A chance meet up with her childhood friend, restaurateur Russell Harper and his troubled little girl, renews her confidence in her abilities. But when his past comes bearing down, it threatens to take everything she holds dear…again.


As soon as Miranda was on her way, Logan and Emily climbed into his SUV and headed for the lake cabin. As they arrived, the back side of the home was deserted. They quickly ran around to the front where the coroner’s van was pulling away, followed by an ambulance without its lights on.

“Oh no,” Emily whispered. Her heart was beating so fast. She couldn’t breathe. She was going to throw up. “Russell!” she screamed. “No! Russell!” It was Daniel all over again. Only she still loved Russell. But Daniel had died because of her, so the pain of his death had been just as excruciating.

Logan grabbed her so she wouldn’t flee into the middle of the crime scene. “Calm down. It’ll be okay.”

“I’m right here, Em,” Russell said stoically as he stepped out from behind a police vehicle.

A whimper escaped her as she pulled away from Logan to run to her boyfriend. He caught her in his arms.

“Oh my God! What happened? Are you okay?” she questioned, desperately checking his torso for any signs of injury.

“I’m okay,” he murmured, pulling her close again. “I didn’t get a scratch on me.”

“What happened, big brother?” Logan asked, stepping up to them.



Will also be available at Barnes and Noble on release day, December 15th! And stay tuned for the other two books in the series - Logan's Leap and Dylan's Desire. 

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