Email Marketing in 2019 Is Not A Message In A Bottle


 Message in a bottle. Snail mail. Cold calls. All outdated marketing means .

Email is considered the most effective in 2019. Any marketing savvy individual with something to offer knows how valuable an email marketing list is. 

Authors often tout their email marketing list as a Subscriber List or Fan Mail.  They often send weekly or monthly newsletters in addition to new release and sales broadcasts.

Platforms such as MailChimp, MailerLite, AWeber make it incredibly easy for even beginners to recruit subscribers, create campaigns, send, and monitor open and link click stats. 

Compliance: How to stay on the right side of the law when sending emails for marketing purposes.


Permission by the account holder for email address added


Don’t Misinform. In the header, be clear on the subject of the email. If it’s an advertisement, state this.

Your Location.

Your own physical address must be visible, yes, physical address, not simply snail mail contact.

Visible Unsubscribe option.

An opt-out of receiving future emails must be easy to see. Unsubscribes must be removed promptly.

The Governing Standards of Emailing








Transactional emails are not subject to these same laws. Examples: re sending shipping or order confirmations, information about a transaction or membership, etc.


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