Victim of voter registration purging? These magic words may help at the polls

 “Give me a provisional ballot with a receipt as required by law when requested”

In some states "exact match” law allows the registration of voters to be suspended and then cancelled if the information on their government-issued identification, such as address or name varies even slightly from the information on their voter registration forms. 

Moreover, in Texas, registration is purged if the signature is not true, that is, it can't be photocopied and then uploaded, therefore those registering online still must print out, sign by hand, and snail mail or drop off the registration.

If something similar happens to you--if you believe yourself to be registered but are turned away at the polls, don't just walk away.  

Have this exact phrase saved and ready as it applies to all states.

The magic words:

“Please, give me a provisional ballot with a receipt as required by law when requested”

In most states, provisional ballots are for voters who believe they are registered but their registration can’t be found. States that have same-day voter registration have little need for them while states that have voter identification laws such as Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Virginia use them for those who go to the polls but don’t have the proper ID on hand.

When using a provisional ballot, request a receipt for the provisional ballot if it isn’t automatically offered.  After casting a vote, voters have a certain amount of time to present a local election official with the required identification or other information in order for the provisional ballot to be counted.


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