Book Bangs Review: Out of the Dusk by Leigh Robbins, Author

After many long years as a Marine, Brett Parker knows the meaning of war. Hardened and tired of death and destruction, he prepares for the most important mission of his career: to win back the woman who has his heart. He was certain he would never hold her again—until a promise to his dying mother takes him on a journey to reclaim the love he lost.

Lauren Terrelli would never forget the boy who broke her heart. Finding happiness after Brett was hard enough; losing it again almost destroyed her. Unexpectedly widowed, Lauren’s sole focus became her bakery, but a voice from the past changes everything.

Lauren soon learns Brett is not the same man she knew all those years ago. As his world spins out of control, hers begins to right itself for the first time.

Brett is ready to fight for his Beauty, but the demons in his head are far worse than he could ever imagine. Is he strong enough to let Lauren lead him out of the dusk?

Out of the Dusk (A Military Romance)( Never Lose Sight #3)Out of the Dusk (A Military Romance) by Leigh Robbins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Out of the Dusk is a sequel in the series ‘Never Lose Sight.’ I haven’t read the prequel books. Possibly this is why I had a a bit of trouble at times relating to Brett and Lauren as characters and often the plot around them. Brett is a marine suffering from PTSD and a rancher. Lauren owns a bakery. They meet through Matt who is the MC in a prequel of the series. Their instant attraction is not without many problems that must be discovered, dealt with, and overcome before the two can truly love. All in all a good read if looking for a traditionally written romance with a HEA.


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