Your Weekly ROCK ROMANCE DROPS (Jan 26)

The Pieces that Built Me by Amber Lacie

Every person is a puzzle... It wasn’t until I finally let him in that I realized I was missing one important piece…
I knew how to give it. What I didn’t know was how to accept it––until he showed me how…

Rented by Erin Trejo

 I rented her.
She wasn't supposed to be permanent.

Superstar Soulmate by Maria Jackson

The electricity crackling between them is too intense to be imaginary.
Could the two women share a soul connection? And if they do, how will they manage in a world that doesn't want them to be together?

Taming Irish (Wild Irish Book 3) by C.M. Seabrook

I'm the wild in Wild Irish, and I have no intention of ever being tamed.
Until Makena Fraser practically falls into my lap - twice.


Pop Secrets: An Erotic Novel by Jackie Notter

A fast-paced, edgy escape into a secret world of sexual temptation and liberation.


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