What is your Chill Pill?

Everyone needs downtime. 

 In this age of playing soccer mom, working mom, and housekeeper/cook or any combo of these and more, I find it important to put my feet up and take a chillpill.

Not literally but figuratively. Heck, I can’t even take aspirin without some sort of weird side effect.

No, the chillpill I speak of is a relaxation technique. 

A bubble bath locked away from the world. 
A book, locked away from the world… 
Noise reducing headphones in my ears, blocking out the world… 

Key: escaping the world even if it’s for a quarter of an hour. 

I often choose a book on my endless TBR list, Ziploc my kindle in a freezer bag, light a couple of candles, and hit the tub until the water cools. Sometimes even then, I add more hot and swipe through another couple of chapters. 

Or lace up the running shoes, grab the mp3 player, and hit the walking/jogging trail. 

Sometimes just driving around listening to music will wind me down and give me that second wind needed to carry on the rest of the day. 

What is your chill pill? Please share!

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  1. Epsom salts soak with essential oils and e-book, moderate hike to see a beautiful waterfall in the mountains only an hour(ish) away from home, JeJu Korean spa is like Heaven, but sometimes just taking an indulgent nap.

    1. All good ones! Never can nap enough! Not possible with kids lol.


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