Review! Shy Kinda Love by Deanna Eshler

Shyanne hasn't had it easy, but betrayal didn't break her. She pulls herself up and faces life head on.

I fell in love with this book for many reasons. Shyanne is a character who grows emotionally throughout the chapters and her tough yet sensitive demeanor had this reader rooting for her happiness and a resolution to her problems with the swipe of every page. Kade is also a complex character but his feelings for Shyanne and the sexyness steaming from each of his paragraphs made him a book boyfriend I won't soon forget. There is a crew of support characters, and again I was happily surprised to be drawn to each one of them with the intensity I was attached to Shyanne. Ryder plays a big brother role and never deviates from his fierce loyalty to Shy. Gemma and Keegan the fun friends who press Shy until she agrees to live life again and not watch it pass by--these two had me laughing aloud at times. Just when the story had a warm fuzzy vibe , events twisted around and fresh drama unfolded leaving me staying up far too late in the night because I couldn't put it down.

Bravo Deeana Eshler! A truly amazing read.


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