Spring Reading: Five books I must read yesterday

Spring is here. Birds, bees, and love in the air. If I had to choose a reading season, spring would be it--although as anyone I know can tell you, my eyes are on a kindle or my nose in a book for the better part of any day.

In the fall and winter months, books are my goto while the men are watching football. In the summer, I'm reading while the kids swim. But Spring is when I WANT to read.

In swiping through my reading devices--yes I'm that much of a geek, I have more than one--I noticed my to be read list was still long. Many books have been recommended to me throughout 2015. Here are some of the ones I have yet to read but am looking forward to.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins


And because the one above reminds me of Gone Girl, I have to mention this next one which has been said to be even better--

 Gillian Flynn's Dark Places


Rockstars! I can't get enough. This Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott  is amazing!


Speaking of diving, as a Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy fan, I dove right into the Bloodlines series and was addicted from book #1


After Hard Bitten, I was so angry at Chloe Neil, I didn't pick up another Chicagoland book for a couple of years. But once I did, I was bitten again.


That's my 5 to read next. What about yours? Please tell. I love book recommendations!

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