The Heart of Alaska by JJ Ellis and TA Ellis

The Heart of Alaska is here!

The long awaited prequel to the Sunset Destiny Romances is live. This is a stand alone novel and you do not have to read the Sunset Destiny Romances first. It may, however, enhance the experience. 


Two couples, one unforgettable summer.

Charlotte and Ethan – Fate brought them together as children and phone calls and letters solidified their bond. When tragedy struck, they were torn apart until one fateful summer morning when they meet again. Will they be able to acknowledge the love that fate decreed, or will they let the opportunity of a lifetime slip through their fingers?

Francesca and Jackson – They met as children and became a couple as teens. At twenty she must let her one true love follow his conscience into war. Can their relationship stand the test of time and bring them to the happily ever after they’ve always dreamed of, or will their perfect world be shattered?

Join two amazing young couples as they learn to live, laugh and love while working at The Heart of Alaska Lodge in the summer of ’69.


A short while later they were sitting on the loveseat, wrapped in each other’s arms. They found themselves talking about anything and everything. Just like they used to do during their late night phone calls.

“After I told you we should back off, I would sit in the den waiting for the phone to ring,” Ethan told her.
“And when it didn’t I would pick it up and dial your number before hanging up and going to bed."

“I cried myself to sleep many nights, wishing my phone would ring just once,” she whispered.

“I’m so sorry, Princess. How much longer until your nineteenth birthday? Ten months right?”

“Yeah," she sighed, snuggling into his arms. “Why?”

“In many of those conversations we used to have, I promised you that I would ask you to marry me when we were eighteen. That means I only have ten months left to make good on it."

There was no response from Charli so Ethan looked down at her. She was asleep, breathing peacefully
against his chest. It was blowing his mind how he went from not wanting a relationship to thinking of asking her to marry him in a day's time. He had promised her and now there was no way he could imagine not following through. The day she muttered ‘goodbye Ethan, I love you,' as she hung up the phone was the day he knew she would always be a part of him – no matter how much he told himself differently. Fate. The word everyone was tossing at him had stuck. Charlotte Goldstein was his fate.



JJ Ellis is first and foremost a mom to five kids, four girls and one boy, ranging in age from 3-18. After that, she is a physically limited wife, blogger and now an author. She holds a degree in Communication Studies (Public Relations) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas but never thought she would chose writing as a career, especially at the age of 42. She once wanted to be a publicist in the entertainment industry, but never a writer. Then one day when she was in her mid thirties she was going through what can only be described as an early 'midlife crisis' and ideas just started to come to her and she felt compelled to write them down. She finished her first book relatively quickly, but life got in the way and it took her eight years to revisit it and then publish her first novel. She can honestly say that now she is finally right where she wants to be. 

JJ has been married to her college sweetheart (and romance novel hero) for twenty years and they reside in Casper, WY with their kids and one crazy mutt named Kreuger. She enjoys reading, writing, blogging, computing, and graphic design. She will try anything that will allow her creativity to be released.


TA Ellis is married to best selling romance Author JJ Ellis and is the father to five kids, four girls and one boy, ranging in age from 3-18. He holds a degree in Secondary Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and has flirted with the idea of writing for years. He however did not expect to be writing romance as Sci-fi/horror/fantasy are more to his liking. But as a sounding board for his wife, he realized he had some good ideas and the team of JJ & TA Ellis was born.

TA lives in Casper, WY with his wife and kids and one crazy mutt named Kreuger. He enjoys reading, video games and grilling. He is excited to embark on this romance journey...after all, he's been happily married for twenty years. 



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